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ATAR To OP Conversion Calculator

Use our ATAR to OP Conversion Calculator to determine what OP your ATAR converts to. You can convert your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) to its equivalent Queensland Overall Position (OP).

Update (Sep 2023): Our Queensland ATAR to OP conversion calculator uses official conversion data from QTAC’s ATAR to OP Bands publication. Your ATAR will be converted to an OP based on the cutoffs – results should be taken as an estimate only. Neither QTAC nor the QCAA endorse or are affiliated with this website.

Important: enter your four-digit ATAR or predicted ATAR score.

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Estimated OP: ≥21

👋 Thanks for using our ATAR to OP Conversion Calculator! Check out our new QCE ATAR Calculator (QLD).

What’s An ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is a numerical ranking used to assess a student’s position relative to their peers nationwide, determining university admissions. The ATAR is used all across Australia, replacing Queensland’s Overall Position (OP) system in 2020. An ATAR is a rank, with the highest possible ATAR being 99.95 and the lowest being <30. ATARs go down in 0.05 intervals so the highest is 99.95, then 99.90, then 99.85 and so on.

What’s An OP?

On the other hand, Overall Position (OP) scores are Queensland-specific rankings that guide entry into tertiary education institutions. They were replaced by the ATAR in Queensland in 2020. The overall position used to serve the same role as the ATAR system prior to 2020 in Queensland, and the assessment and ranking elements differed. Unlike in the ATAR system, the highest (best) OP is 1 and the lowest (worst) OP is 25.

How Do You Convert ATAR to OP?

Our innovative conversion calculator bridges the gap, allowing you to effortlessly convert between these systems. Seamlessly compare your ATAR to the equivalent in the old Queensland OP system. It’s important to note though that Queensland no longer uses the OP system since 2020. You can convert your ATAR to a Queensland Overall Position using our conversion calculator, built using official data from QTAC’s conversion publication.

Is OP Still Relevant?

The Overall Position (OP) system was phased out in in Queensland in 2022 and replaced by the ATAR system. This means that Queensland now uses the same tertiary admissions system (ATAR) as all other states and territories across the country. A student’s OP score is no longer relevant, though we hope this tool is still useful to get an idea of what your OP would have been from your ATAR score.