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Here is the ATAR score that you will need to study architecture for each university in Queensland. Architecture is a unique allowing for unique creative expression coupled with extensive knowledge of key concepts from physics and engineering. Overall, entry requirements for architecture can vary considerably between universities across the state.

As a result, it can be difficult to state a definitive score for entry, though in general you should aim for an ATAR between 70 and 86.

As you can see, this is a large range so below we’ve broken down the ATAR score requirements you’ll need to study architecture in Queensland for each university. The most common undergraduate architecture degree is the Bachelor of Architectural Design, while other universities offer the degree through a Bachelor of Design.

University of Queensland ATAR For Architecture

The University of Queensland offers a 3-year Bachelor of Architectural Design degree at their St Lucia campus. UQ’s Bachelor of Architectural Design is all about practical and creative learning through design studios, and students frequently encounter practical learning opportunities. You’ll do hands-on construction at multiple scales, using progressively more complex materials and form. Here are the ATAR scores required to study architecture at UQ for 2022:

Bachelor of Architectural Design

Without AdjustmentsWith Adjustments
ATAR scores required to study architecture at the University of Queensland.

As you can see, the median unadjusted ATAR a student had that was accepted into the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree at the University of Queensland in 2022 was 90.60. If your goal is to become an architecture student at UQ, we recommend aiming for this goal, or even above to ensure that you remain competitive for future years as cutoffs continue to change. UQ offers 2 bonus points if you are studying Specialist Maths, and 2 bonus points if you are studying a language other than English. Read more about their adjustment scheme here. The lowest adjusted ATAR accepted into architecture was 86.10.

QUT ATAR For Architecture

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) also offers an architecture degree to school leavers, the Bachelor of Design (Architecture). Throughout your degree, you will undertake architectural design projects with a practical edge that will require you to think logically and creatively about how buildings function and are constructed. You can broaden your mind, education and life experience with real-world field trips, international study tours, and student exchange with partners all over the world including Italy, Canada, France, China, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico, the USA, the UK and more. Here are the ATAR scores required for architecture at QUT:

Bachelor of Design (Architecture)

Without AdjustmentsWith Adjustments
ATAR scores required to study architecture at QUT.

The median unadjusted ATAR needed for entry into QUT’s Bachelor of Design (Architecture) was 84.35 in 2022. We recommend aiming for this goal, or above it, to ensure you have the best chance of gaining admission as selection ranks continue to change each year. QUT offers several adjustment schemes and bonus points, and the lowest adjusted ATAR accepted was 79.00. You can receive 2 bonus points for studying Specialist Maths, 2 for Physics, 2 for Aerospace Systems or Engineering, and 2 for a language other than English. Read more here.

Griffith ATAR For Architecture

Griffith University also offers a 3-year Bachelor of Architectural Design. Architecture at Griffith has been ranked in the world’s Top 100 in the prestigious QS World University Rankings, and it ranks in the top four architecture programs in Australia for teaching quality. The degree is offered at their Gold Coast campus. Here are the scores to study architecture at Griffith in 2022:

Bachelor of Architectural Design (Gold Coast)

Without AdjustmentsWith Adjustments
ATAR scores required to study architecture at Griffith University Gold Coast.

The median unadjusted ATAR for admission into Griffith’s Bachelor of Architectural Design at their Gold Coast campus was 74.45. You should aim to meet or surpass this if your goal is to study architecture at Griffith Gold Coast. In 2022, the lowest adjusted ATAR to gain admission was 70.05. Griffith offers adjustment points for several subjects including Specialist Maths, Chemistry and Physics. You can read more here.

Bond ATAR For Architecture

Bond University offers a Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree and is another popular choice for prospective architecture students from Queensland. The duration of their architecture degree is just 2 years full-time which is one year shorter than the other degrees we have seen. The ATAR required for admission into Bond University’s Bachelor of Design in Architecture is 75, and the university also offers bonus points through their adjustment scheme. Read more here.


Architecture is a truly unique degree and career in that it couples the creative elements of design with the practical and logical elements of maths, construction and physics. It is also one of the more difficult degrees to gain entry into from high school, though it is still definitely achievable. If you’re considering studying architecture, our advice is to not get too caught up on the ATAR cutoffs and requirements. At the end of the day, your goal in Year 12 should be to get the best possible ATAR that you can achieve. This will give you the best chance of getting into a architecture degree (or any degree) of your choice. To estimate your ATAR, check out our ATAR Calculator.

Even if you don’t achieve the required ATAR, you can still definitely study architecture. Many students opt to undertake an undergraduate ‘bridging’ course before aiming to enter into an architecture degree via postgraduate entry pathways which is a 100% viable option.

If you or your child needs assistance or support during Year 12, our exceptional and compassionate tutors who have been in your shoes themselves are always willing to support you in reaching your academic goals. Enrol now for a completely free trial session with zero commitments. Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your studies!

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