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QCE ATAR Calculator (QLD)

Use our QCE ATAR Calculator (QLD) to estimate your QCE ATAR and scaled subject scores from your raw scores. Predict what your Queensland ATAR and scaled subject scores will be.

Update (Feb 2022): Our Queensland QCE ATAR calculator now uses the latest subject scaling data from QTAC’s 2021 ATAR Report. Results should still be taken as an estimate only as full scaling data and TEA to ATAR conversions are not available. Neither QTAC nor the QCAA endorse or are affiliated with this website.

Important: enter your raw subject scores for your best five subjects, based on scaled scores. In Queensland, an English subject is not required.

Subjects: Scores:
Estimated ATAR: <30
Scaled TEA: 0
Subject Raw Score Scaled Score
Subject One 0 0
Subject Two 0 0
Subject Three 0 0
Subject Four 0 0
Subject Five 0 0

馃憢 Thanks for using our QCE ATAR Calculator (QLD)! Check out our new ATAR to OP Conversion Calculator.